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Meet Purry

The Other
Alyssa Myers Bryan ,TX
When she was born her mom wasn't popping her watersack she was in, so I broke it and then rubbed her with a towel to stimulate her so she knew she was born. After she realized she was on earth, I kissed her. Now, she's a kitten who loves eating dinner with the family as she sits on the table and she's welcome to eat out of our bowl/dish
Rat-rat, Sue
Eating with the family, snuggling, purring, hugging you, and putting her hand on people to get their attention
The smell of nail polish, when my door is shut because she wants in.
Favorite Foods
Milk, Fancy Feast Salmon canned dinner
Favorite Pastimes
A couple months ago, I had to take off my doorknob because it was broke, leaving a hole in my door. One time I got up and I needed to go to the bathroom, and she loves trying to open the door for me.

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