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Napping JoJo: How Their Cute and Cozy Cat Beds Came to Be!

What do you do when you can’t find the perfect accessory for your cat? Make it yourself, of course! This is exactly what Leeling Ho did, and now she runs an entire cat bed company dedicated to ensuring your precious cats are safe and comfortable. Here is the story of how Napping JoJo came to be.

Cat in adorable cat bedJoJo was adopted and presented to me as my birthday gift in 2015. I stuttered at first because I was expecting a new iPhone. With all his playfulness, affection, and free-spirited nature, this fluffy, adorable ball of fur worked his magic and soon turned me into a “crazy cat lady”!

Like most pet parents, I found myself constantly in search of the best products for him. As a professional industrial designer, I couldn’t help but look for a product that is well-designed aesthetically and functionally, has well-thought-out details and quality, is made in a cost-effective way (meaning reasonably priced), and matches our home décor effortlessly! There are tons of pet products on the market, but I had a hard time finding one that passed all of my criteria. Out of frustration, I decided to utilize my skills and knowledge, and started the journey of growing “Napping JoJo”.
Adorable sneaker cat bed

In summer of 2016, inspired by JoJo’s special love for shoes, our first product, the “Sherpa Moccasin Bed”, was born, followed by Sneaker Beds, Catnip Shoe Toys, and then Slipper Beds. Our growing “shoe collection” is putting a big smile on everyone’s face (with fur or without fur), and earning itself some spotlight in several prestigious magazines and online media.

We are a small and nimble company so we are constantly improving our designs and offerings based on the invaluable input from our customers (both feline and human). We source high quality materials and work with small workshops who specialize in excellent craftsmanship for all of our items. Our goal is simple—create and provide wonderful products, inside and out, for our pets and yours, just like we would for all of our beloved, precious family members!

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