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Bavarian cat toy

Expanding its global reach into the North American pet market, Aumueller Korbwaren introduced its line of German cat toys at Superzoo 2015. The toys go by the brand name “Bavarian Cat Toys” in proud tribute to the Bavarian-grown ingredients featuring valerian, lavender, and anise. These toys are widely distributed throughout Europe, earning 4 & 5-star reviews in the most popular pet store chains and online at e-commerce sites.

Many Americans know of valerian as a sleep aid or tension reducer for people, but it has an invigorating effect on cats. With valerian toys, cats become euphoric from the smell and they’ll play intensely – rolling, licking, kicking and nuzzling the toy.

Many cats love valerian regardless of whether or not they’re attracted to catnip, and that’s a good thing for the more than 25-30% of adult cats that have no response to catnip. Most kittens under the age of 12 weeks have no reaction to catnip, and many older cats lose their interest in it, too. Yet many guardians of older cats find that valerian perks them up and gets them playing like when they were younger. In the book Herbal Cat Care, Dr. Kidd, D.V.M., Ph.D. compared catnip to valerian and noted: “Some cats go even crazier for valerian.”

The family-owned company of Aumueller Korbwaren believes in using ecological and sustainable raw materials that put the pet’s safety first. Ingredients are the highest grade available, certified to meet the same standards as those used in pharmaceuticals. The toys are handcrafted in Germany, not mass-produced in China, and features like eyes and noses are sewn on instead of glued.


The toys are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and styles including a Christmas Collection. “The most exciting item I’m introducing to this market,” Markus Aumueller said, “is the extra-large cat-sized pillow that contains valerian and catnip. There’s no other cat toy of its size.
And, like all our toys, the pillows are filled with natural spelt to ensure long-lasting quality and appeal.”

To learn more about Bavarian Cat Toys, view the video on YouTube or visit For more information contact Stacey Gelkopf via email at Connect with the company on Twitter (@ValerianCatToys) or Facebook.


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