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Lil Bub – Not A Hat Girl

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It's Monday, so let's ease into the day with one kitty cute bomb Lil Bub. This foxy feline has been making the rounds, starring in a documentary and writing her first book, despite some health challenges that got Bub's dude, Mike Bridavsky, to study Reiki in hopes of improving her health (good news everybody – it worked!). Lil Bub recently met with a psychic to give us a better look into her psyche. The psychic, Christine Agro, reports that Lil Bub is on a mission to bring happiness to the world, but she has her limits. Agro reports that Lil Bub, although possessed of a great sense of humour, doesn't want to wear little hats.

Fine with us Bub – you're cute enough as is.

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