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Best Cat Furniture of 2019

We all want our cats to have everything they need to be happy and comfortable, but we also don’t want a bunch of gaudy cat furniture ruining the aesthetic of the home. We’ve rounded up some of the best cat furniture that is sure to make both you and your kitty happy!

Best Cat Cave: Tuft and Paw Choco Tent

This modern furniture piece ties in perfectly with any home decor. Wooden rods support the tent for durability, and the removable cushion inside offers support for your cat. The cushion is machine washable for easy cleaning.

Helpful Review: “Our cats LOVE their new tent – it’s a great place to nap and watch the world go by. It’s really well made and attractive too.”

Price: $249





Best Kitty Litter Box: Tuft and Paw Litter Box

No one likes looking at the litter box, which is why this one is so awesome! It not only functions as a litter box but a beautiful piece of furniture as well. The slats allow for airflow so that litter smell doesn’t build up inside. The extra expense is well worth it for this piece!

Helpful Review:  “Literally no excess litter gets out! The little catwalk is great at catching the litter on his paws while exiting too. Not only is it functional, but it’s also gorgeous!” -Pramod R.

                                                                                                          Price: $599


Best Pet Steps: Armarkat Pet Steps

These steps are perfect for older or overweight cats who have difficulty getting to their favorite spots. They’re constructed with pressed wood and covered with a faux fleece that is soft on the paws. If for any reason part of the stairs become damaged, replacement pieces are available on the Armarkat website.

Helpful Review:   “We keep the cat food on the counter… but we thought the cat was wincing when she jumped down. She’s an older gal and may have a touch of arthritis… [these steps] are perfect. She scurries up and down to get at her food and even sits on the top step just because it offers her a high view of the room… Even with four steps, they do not protrude too much into the room. The quality is great and they should last a long time. We could not be happier.” -Barbara

Price: From $40


Best Cat Tree For Multicat Households: BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo

This kitty condo is built for royalty! It has three cushioned beds, two hideouts, a hammock, dangling toys, and sisal scratching posts. It’s a well-constructed piece of furniture to be sturdy and durable to accommodate multiple kitties climbing, jumping, and scratching. Aside from the sisal posts, the entire condo is covered in a soft plush material to be gentle on little kitty paws.

Helpful Review:   “I have six cats, so I was looking for something big and that’s exactly what I got. At first, I was a bit overwhelmed with all of the parts, but once I sorted everything, it was very easy to assemble. My cats especially love the hammock. I’m impressed with the quality and sturdiness of the tower.” -Blaise

Price: $130




Best Cat Hammock: Cat Crib

This hammock is a great space saver, so is perfect for smaller homes. It can be attached to most chairs (wooden legs work best) and has no-slip straps to keep the hammock in place. It’s great for cats who like to be near humans, but still, have their own space to hide away in.

Helpful Review: “Our cat loves hanging out with us but pretending like she’s not in the same room on purpose, chilling just out of sight. The cat crib is a perfect way for her to be a cute little creep. So, when I’m sitting at the table I’ll sometimes put my leg under the chair, forgetting she’s under there, and feel a footful of cat fluff. So awesome! We’ve had our cat crib for 1.5 years and it’s holding up well, in spite of her gnawing on the velcro.” -Deli Cat

Price: $20



Best Wall Shelves: HumaneGoods Floating Perch

This is another piece of furniture that is essential for cat mom and dads with smaller homes. Wall shelves can be added to created a jungle gym for your cats, without compromising space. This model is built to withstand jumping and leaping and comes with three replaceable carpet mats to help keep claws healthy.

Helpful Review: “I love the look of the perch– it is glossy and high quality. My cats love the perch because they feel safe and they can survey their kingdom from on high… Would highly recommend to any cat owner.” -Kitty

                                                                                                 Price: $54


Best Window Seat: Kitty Cot

Cats love just sitting and watching the world go by, and the Kitty Cot lets them do this in comfort. The cot is made with patented suction cups that mount directly onto the window. Made with durable materials and easy to clean!

Helpful Review: “My forever humans purchased this structural item for me…  I get to watch the stupid squirrels outside the window, chatter at the birdies, and sleep in the sun to my kitty heart’s content… Even though you are not a cat, you must be very clever and you’re quite good with your opposable thumbs. I salute you, Kitty Cot Maker.” -Bo

                                                                                             Price: From $40



Best Cost Efficient Cat Tree: AmazonBasics Cat Activity Tree


This tree may be small, but it has everything a cat needs: a cozy bed, scratching posts, and enough space to jump and play. It’s designed to fit into the corner of a room to save space and is good quality for the price. It comes with instructions and the necessary tools for easy assembly.

Helpful Review:  “Very sturdy and a nice size! It fits both of my cats perfectly, and one of them is pretty big. And it’s a great price! Comes with everything you need to put together. Pretty easy to put together, takes about 10 minute. I definitely recommend this.”

Price: From $38



What piece of cat furniture are you going to add to your wishlist? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Richard Wilson

    It would be nice to see things designed for handicapped cats too. I have a 3 legged (rear) cat and what I see may not work for her and her ability to jump with one leg

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