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Fall/Winter 2019

  • Crazy Cat Lady

    By Agnes Loonstra and Ester Scholten

    Crazy Cat Lady throws the negative stereotypes out the window and celebrates cats and the people who love them. This adorable book contains fun facts, flowchart quizzes (should you start an Instagram account for your cat?), humourous life mottos, and a sheet of fun stickers—they’re not just for kids, you know! A must-have for any self-professed cat lady.

  • Tiny But Mighty

    By Hannah Shaw

    The endlessly inspiring Hannah Shaw, aka Kitten Lady, shares her expertise and advocacy journey as a neonatal kitten rescuer in Tiny But Mighty, her eagerly awaited first book. Packed with invaluable information on the development of kittens, rescue how-to, the heartwarming stories of rescued kittens, and, of course, outrageously adorable photos of the kittens she’s helped, it’s an irresistible must-read.

  • Mac on a Hot Tin Roof

    By Melinda Metz

    MacGyver has his paws full, having found four motherless kittens that he decides to care for until they can find a home. This isn’t going to be easy though as Mac is the prime suspect in a series of thefts and must care for the little ones while trying to clear his name and find the real thief. Will everything end well for Mac? Pick up this adorable mystery to find out!

  • Cat Breed Guide

    By Stephanie Warren Drimmer and Gary Weitzman

    No cat lover’s library would be complete without this fun and informative cat breed guide. A complete reference to everything cat-related, it features more than 60 breed profiles, fun facts, and tips for choosing the right breed for your lifestyle. Don’t let the “kids” branding deter you, this book is valuable for all ages.

  • What Holds Us Together

    By Sandi Ward

    In What Holds Us Together, imaginative Tabby Luna is dealing with a lot of change. Having moved with her family to New England after the death of her owner’s husband Peter, she must do what she can to help the family heal following their loss, all while assisting Peter, whose spirit she thinks needs her help. This empathetic tale is the perfect read for any cat lover.

  • Gone Kitty Gone

    By Eileen Watkins

    Having expanded her Comfy Cat business to include cat grooming, Cassie heads to a local cat expo to showcase her skills. But the event gets disrupted when social media star cat Gordie is catnapped and his sitter is found murdered. While the cops are only interested in solving the murder, Cassie and pop sensation Jaki focus on finding the cat-napper to recover Gordie and expose the murderer.

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