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The 8 Best Smart Gadgets for Cats and Cat Lovers

Innovative pet tech that makes life with cats easier and more fun

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From the fun to the practical, these high-tech cat gadgets can help you and your cat better understand each other, have more fun together, and even work through challenges. Cat-focused technology can also just be a lot of fun! From a cat’s-eye-view collar camera to communication buttons that allow your cat to ‘talk,’ here are some highly rated smart gadgets designed for cats and the people who love them.

Talking Buttons

Fluent Pet Classic Tester Kit; $40,

Fluent Pet

Have you ever wished your cat could talk? Well, now they can, thanks to assistive technology for language acquisition. Fluent Pet’s programmable buttons allow your cats to communicate wants, desires, and maybe even bigger thoughts with the push of a button. Designed specifically for pets, the buttons can be recorded with specific words, such as “walk,” “play,” “potty,” “hungry,” “outside,” and other requests you think your cat might want to make. For ease of use, the buttons fit securely into a foam base to prevent them from sliding while your cat is ‘talking’ and include stickers to place on top so you can remember which button is for which cue. The set also comes with a training guide to help you get your cat chatting.

One of the most prominent cats using the communication buttons is Billi. Billi uses the buttons on her Fluent Pet soundboard to form four-word phrases. She can make requests and express emotions. “Mad” is a favourite button. (Be careful what you wish for.)

“Billi had pressed ‘come’ when I was in the middle of watering a plant,” relates her guardian, Dr. Kendra Baker. “So, I said, ‘Mom come soon’ then came over to her board after a couple of minutes. She then pressed ‘mad, mad, before, where, where’ which I interpreted as ‘what the heck was so important you couldn’t come immediately!?’”

“Another time, my boyfriend and I were hugging, and she pressed “all done, mad, pets,” Baker laughs.

The buttons give Billi more autonomy over her life and choices, says Baker. “Our animals live in a dictatorship, even if it’s a dictatorship built on love…The buttons allow Billi a bit more freedom. She can choose the toy we play with, ask to go outside, or ask for cuddles/pets when I’m in the middle of something. The buttons improve her quality of life.”


Robot Vacuum

iRobot Roomba; $1399,

iRobot vacuum

Ah, cat hair, the scourge of cat lovers everywhere. Why not let a robot vacuum handle it for you? The Roomba Combo j9 + Robot Vacuum and Mop niftily banishes cat hair with a vacuum/mop combo that ensures no cat hair, dander, or other mess is left behind. It’s so smart that it prioritizes the dirtiest rooms first and avoids obstacles like shoes and cords. It identifies floor type to seamlessly transition from hard floor to carpeting so there are no wet carpet messes. They also have a Pet Owner Official Promise (P.O.O.P)—it won’t pick up pet messes or they’ll replace it for free. When it finishes its rounds, the Roomba returns itself to its dock for recharging and automatic emptying/refilling. An app lets you set custom schedules and clean specific areas. Ingenious!



Furbo 360 Cat Camera; $294,


The Furbo 360 cat camera is designed especially for cats. This state-of-the-art high-definition “nanny-cam” allows cat parents to watch their cats when they aren’t home to supervise. The rotating camera allows for a 360 field of vision without blind spots, and the Furbo smartphone app lets you not only see what your cat is up to but also hear and speak to them. You can even use the app to dispense a treat or play with your cat, thanks to the integrated feather wand toy! Meowing alerts let you know what’s happening in real-time, and auto cat-tracking, two-way audio, and colour-night vision mean you’ll always know what your cat is up to. The bestselling cat cam on Amazon, it’s earned rave reviews: “10/10 recommend. I absolutely love this camera/treat thrower!!! My cat loves it, too!” 


Wearable Camera

Mr Petcam; $70,

Mr. PetCam

Get a cat’s eye view—and solve mysteries—with this wearable camera that attaches to your cat’s collar! Mr. Pet Cam’s compact, lightweight collar-mounted HD video camera for cats (or dogs) lets you see what your cat sees at home, in the catio, or on solo adventures if you have an outdoor cat. Set up is easy—just clip and go. The small, lightweight camera attaches securely to your cat’s collar and captures clear audio and HD 1080p video with a 155-degree field of view. The waterproof camera even has night vision, and a motion sensor means it only records while your cat is in motion, extending battery life. The resulting footage is fascinating to watch and ideal for sharing on social media. “The video results have been hilarious and unexpected,” says a reviewer. It can also lead to surprising revelations: “I thought the idea of watching videos from my pet’s perspective was silly until I saw the footage,” reports another user. “I’ve learned my cat gets food at two other homes in the neighbourhood on a routine basis…Now I know why my cat was putting on weight!”


Smart Cat Door

SureFlap® Microchip Cat Door Connect from Sure Petcare; from $216*,

Sure PetCare

If you have a catio, securely contained backyard, litter box room, or want to allow your cat outdoor access, a cat door is the obvious solution. But traditional cat doors risk other animals (raccoons and other uninvited guests) gaining access to your home. They also can’t keep some pets inside while allowing others outdoors. The SureFlap Microchip Cat Door Connect, from Sure Petcare, is an app-connected cat door that only opens for your assigned cat’s (or cats’) microchip. The Cat Door Connect scans your cats for their existing microchip or Sure Petcare RFID collar tag ($25, sold separately), allowing them access into or out of the door based on permissions you set in the Sure Petcare app. From the app, you can also remotely lock/ unlock, set a curfew, view activity reports, and receive alerts when your cat(s) enter and exit.
*Requires connection to The Hub ($84; sold separately). Sure Petcare products are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent diseases or conditions and do not replace veterinary care.


GPS Collar

Tractive; $40 + $13 monthly subscription fee,


TractiveWith unlimited range and support, Tractive’s CAT Mini wearable GPS tracker allows you to always know your cat’s exact location, providing unparalleled peace of mind. With live GPS tracking and escape alerts, you never have to worry about your cat going missing. A featherweight 25g, it’s a fit for all adult cats. This waterproof GPS collar connects to AT&T, Verizon, and TMobile LTE networks across the United States, enabling your cat’s collar to communicate where your cat is located anywhere there is cell coverage. You can track your cat live with no distance limit, set virtual fences to keep them safe and discover their past routes and favourite spots. Updates are sent to your phone, regardless of how far away you might be—even across the world. The Tractive phone app also notifies cat parents anytime their cat leaves home and monitors activity and sleep. The activity-tracking functions of the app can help spot patterns as they develop and alert you to changes in your cat’s energy and exercise levels.


Automatic Feeder

Instachew PureChew Sight Smart Pet Feeder; $100,


If you have long days or a cat with a health condition that necessitates a very strict feeding schedule, a smart feeder can prove indispensable. The Instachew PureChew Sight Smart Pet Feeder makes sure your cat gets their food exactly when they are supposed to. This sleek feeder not only allows you to automatically feed your cat and control portions while you do so but also looks beautiful in your home. The feeder features an HD camera with built-in night vision, letting you see your cat. Two-way audio allows you to hear and talk to them as they eat. The accompanying app lets you schedule mealtimes or feed with the touch of a button when you aren’t home. If you have an early-rising cat that insists on being fed at 4:30 am, this is the solution you’ve been looking for. No more feline alarm clock! 


Smart, Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Leo’s Loo Too; $650,


Imagine never scooping the litter box again! Say so long to this universally disliked task, thanks to a high-tech solution that guarantees a fresh and clean litter box experience with every use. Leo’s Loo Too, a smart, self-cleaning litter box, automatically sifts waste into an enclosed, capacious waste drawer after every use. A connected app alerts you when the waste drawer (liner bags provided) needs to be emptied. It also lets you know when your cat has used the litter box and how much your cat currently weighs. Whisper quiet operation means noise is a non-issue, and a UV light sterilization kills germs and bacteria, eliminating any odour. Cat lovers offer rave reviews: “My cats love it! Leo’s Loo was an investment that I would make over and over. With two kitties, we were going through kitty litter more than we should have been. So many pros to having the Leo’s Loo Too. Saving money on kitty litter, less dust, less mess, no stinky lingering scent masked by kitty litter. Most of all, my two male cats are so much happier!”


This article originally appeared in the award-winning Modern Cat magazine. Subscribe today!

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