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Adventures in Fosterland

By Hannah Shaw, illustrated by Bev Johnson

From New York Times bestselling author and kitten rescuer Hannah Shaw—also known as Kitten Lady—comes this adorable children’s chapter book series. Inspired by Shaw’s real-life experiences with foster kittens and other baby animals, these delightful, inspiring books teach empathy and compassion.

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How Snowball Stole Christmas

By Kristen McKanagh

Mischievous feline Snowball is back in the latest installment in this beloved cozy series. As the unofficial town matchmaker, Snowball has her paws full trying to get Grinch-like Peter Diemer and small business owner Lara Wolfe to realize they are actually a perfect match. Will she manage to pair them in time for the holidays?

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Good Grief: On Loving Pets Here and Hereafter

By E.B. Bartels

This terrific book poignantly explores the incredible bonds humans have with companion animals, and how we grieve their loss. Sharing stories from veterinarians, archaeologists, ministers, and more, Bartels examines grief rituals around the globe and shows there is no right or wrong way to say goodbye to a beloved companion.

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Country Vet

Thirty years of treating animals and trying to understand their owners

By Randy L. Skaggs, DVM

In this wonderfully entertaining collection of stories, country vet Randy L. Skaggs recounts hilarious and charming tales from his 30-plus years working as a veterinarian in a town of just 8,500 people. Like vets of old, those working in small communities treat “anything that isn’t human.” Skaggs’ retellings of treating everything from bulls to bald eagles are a delight. From run-ins with cheeky monkeys to assisting birthing cows and helping barn cats, you’ll find yourself entirely won over by this small-town vet and the cast of colourful characters that call this Texas panhandle town home. 

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Magoo and His Magic Poo

By Howie Ronay and Michael Harring

With Magoo and His Magic Poo, author Howie Ronay and illustrator Michael Harring have created a hilarious and charming children’s book for all ages. Magoo uses his special “talent” to help save puppies from a puppy mill, foster unlikely friendships, and inspire kindness and silliness.

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"Hot Doc!" Cat Daddies

Directed by Mye Hoang

Be sure to catch Cat Daddies, the heartwarming debut documentary from director Mye Hoang. The doc provides a moving portrait of nine men—from an undocumented and disabled immigrant living on the streets of New York City to an ad executive turned cat rescuer—whose lives were forever changed by their love for cats. Tender and moving, Cat Daddies follows the “cat dads” during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, showcasing cats Tora, Pickles, Lucky, Zulu, Toodles, Flame, GoalKitty, and Princess. This touching look at modern masculinity proves that being a cat person has no gender, that the sometimes-unlikely bond between man and cat can change lives, and that unconditional love is always transformative. Opens in select theaters U.S.-wide October 14th.