Grace: a Memoir by Grace Coddington

Fashion and cat lovers rejoice! Grace Coddington, the porcelain skinned, red headed Creative Director of Vogue magazine/righthand woman and counter point to its Editor-in-Chief, Anna Wintour, has written a witty, honest, and utterly captivating portrayal of her life. In it, Coddington describes her early career as a model, her work with Vogue, and, most importantly where we’re concerned, her love of cats, devoting a whole chapter to her feline fancy. She shares hilarious tales, such as such as how she told entrepreneur/ rapper P. Diddy (aka Puff Daddy) that she named her cat Puff Daddy Junior after him (he didn’t seem impressed). Also included is a charming array of Coddington’s hand-drawn sketches, like one of Karl Lagerfeld (a fan of her art) holding his kitten, Choupette. What really stands out though is Coddington’s irrepressible spirit, remarkable for the number of tragic events the book recounts. Just two of many: her eyelid was sliced off in a car accident, ending her modeling career, and at seven month’s pregnant, she and her car were hoisted by British football fans and thrown, causing her to lose her child. Grace relates the fascinating life of an inspiring, interesting, down to earth, and immensely likable woman, bringing a very welcome breath of fresh air to the rarified sphere of fashion. (We credit the cats.)—AT

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