We can’t get enough of Sweet Pickles’ Designs latest bow ties! They are the perfect accessories for cats with couture taste. Handcrafted with lots of love in Portland, Oregon, these beautiful bow ties come in a wide variety of unique prints and colours to suit every kitty occasion.

   With awesome names for each print (I especially love the Clueless inspired “As If” plaid), these accessories attach to your cat’s collar using an elastic loop sewn into the back of the bow tie, making it easy to switch in and out these adorable additions to your cat’s wardrobe.

Sweet Pickles’ Designs was founded with an aim to create cute couture pieces for the owner’s kitten, Pickles, whose choice in fashion picks was not living up to the options her dog siblings had. We can definitely say that Pickles has elevated the realm of cat fashion!

If these bow ties are simply too fabulous to pair with your cat’s usual wear, check out Sweet Pickles’ line of luxurious vegan suede collars. – JH