Crowdfunding campaign launched for a very versatile cat bed

While indoor cats and their owners share a space, they can be at odds with each other. While cat owners want to type on their computers, their cats want walk over their keyboards.  Home owners want to hold items in bookshelves and cats want to knock over such items so they can perch.  For these roommates to get along, a product needs to be made that is functional, versatile, and aesthetic. The Refined Feline hopes to launch such a product, The Kitt-In Box, with a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and is seeking support.

Unlike any cat bed on the market, the Kitt-in Box not only has a soft cushion and high walls to nest against, it is the only bed to come with attachments to secure to a desktop, window sill or wall. Cats who like to be near their owner while they work, can do so without taking up valuable desk space. Felines who enjoy sunning through the window can do so curled up in comfort. For homes with limited floor space, the wall attachments create a perfect solution for cats that enjoy peering down on those below.

“The genius of the Kitt-in Box is its versatility” says creator Josh Feinkind, owner of The Refined Feline. “Cat lovers often have more than one bed in their home. Rather than having different types of beds around a room, the Kitt-in Box allows them to coordinate the styles of beds. The Kitt-in Box’s solid wood design and multiple stain options are far more aesthetically pleasing than cat beds offered.

Feinkind is using crowdfunding to support the production of this new product. Crowdfunding allows individuals to invest in the concept and in return receive perks from their investment. These perks include temporary tattoos, T-shirts, or the Kitt-in Box itself when it’s launched.  “Crowdfunding is a great source to not only raise funds and get the word out, but is also used as an indicator of the future success of this new concept,” said Feinkind.

The Kitt-in Box is seeking supporters, either financially or simply by spreading the word on social media. More information on the Kitt-in Box and its crowdfunding campaign can be found here found here

The Refined Feline is a manufacturer of designer cat furniture with the goal to combine form with function.