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From date night to grocery run, these fun finds let you show off your love for all things feline.


Venture out carrying an “I love my cat” tote bag and other cat people will smile and nod knowingly. It’s a feel-good magnet. Plus, $1 from your purchase goes to support various animal sanctuaries and organizations. $25,


These pussycat panties from Oh My Cat Shop are exactly what we need to feel fun and sassy! Comfortable, non-shrinking, and they feature a variety of different cats, from fluffy to Sphinx—whichever you’re in the mood for. $26,


Don’t put off sock shopping any longer, because we’ve found the perfect pair! The Cat’s Meow striped socks will make your feet cozy and happy with their cute little cat faces. A great gift idea as well, they come in six fun colours. $7,


We love black cats, and this Black Cat Bag is perfect for those who want to express that love in a fun and functional way. Made of super-durable vegan black vinyl, you can choose which glittery colour to add for the facial details! $50,


David Oreck’s Pure Air candles are a favourite for clearing living spaces of any lingering kitty-litter smells. These fresh-scented soy candles are all natural and provide up to 50 hours of air purification! $15,


All the cat moms put your hands up! This Cat Mom enamel pin from TheFive15 store is so well made and so darn cute! Owner Angie makes super-fun cat, dog, and feminist-themed (three of our fave topics) pins and keychains and also gives back to non-profit groups like animal rescues and female advocacy groups! Cat Dad pins available, too! $12,


Elegant, modern and timeless, the “Hang in there a little longer” cat dangle earrings by Cat Modern are the perfect gift for design-forward cat people.


Show your love of cats with this elegant Carrie Cramer necklace! The Boss necklace represents all the cool cats out there so makes the perfect treat-your-self gift! $95,



Class up your house with these adorable cat butt coasters. Handmade with 100% cotton yarn, these coasters come in a variety of colours that are sure to spice things up around your house! $7.95,


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