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Cats You Need to Follow on Instagram

Instagram is the perfect (or would that be purrfect?) place to go to get your daily dose of kitty goodness. Here are four fearless felines you need to follow on Instagram right, um, meow.

By: Lily Nguyen

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“Most people, they don’t think [her striking colour pattern and eye colour] is possible and that Photoshop must somehow be involved. I think people also like her because they know she was a rescue and supports charitable causes for animals in need, not to mention she makes a bold statement that it’s NOT a bad thing to look different.”


“His natural curiosity coupled with his permanent “expression” of concern attract fans because people believe that he is feeling whatever each post is conveying.”

Princess Monster Truck

Princess Monster Truck is an awesome little rescue cat friend with a really sweet smile. She’s hilarious and super cute. We have a lot of fun posting about her daily activities and relating to her adorable expressions. It seems like other people really like commenting about her, too!


“I think people love Richard for the same reasons I fell for Richard the day that I adopted him from a local shelter during an adult cat rescue fair—he’s an odd-eyed, beautiful, loving, confident cat with a personality so fascinating that it leaps out of all of his photos.

Modern Cat Magazine
Don’t forget to follow Modern Cat on instagram too! From the cutest kittens to snaps from our latest issue, we’ve got something to meow over!


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