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Dial Meow For Murder – A Lucky Paws Mystery

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If ever there was a creature who belonged in a mystery novel, it’s my cat, Potpie.

Sure, her name makes her sound innocent. But Potpie – the inspiration for the feisty, black Persian, Tinkleston, in my new novel, DIAL MEOW FOR MURDER – is a complete, unpredictable puzzle. One minute she’s all snuggles, the next minute she’s starting a boxing match with her much bigger canine sibling. And Potpie always wins.

Tinkleston is the same way. He has a bad habit of launching himself from the top of refrigerators, in hopes of landing on people’s heads. He’s fiercely independent, and doesn’t like to be stuck in cat carriers. And woe to the dog who tries to push him around.

But – like Potpie – Tinkleston is loyal and incredibly intelligent. When his person gets murdered in a lonely mansion, he alone holds the clue to solve the case. And he’s determined to do his part to bring the killer to justice.

You can “meet” Tinks and his canine foil, Socrates, on my website,, where there’s an excerpt about pet sitter Daphne Templeton’s first attempt to transport him in a carrier. (It doesn’t go well.)

Some people might argue that felines like Potpie and her fictional counterpart are “difficult.” I prefer to think that they’re just living their nine lives to the fullest, standing up for themselves – and inspiring stories with their spirited antics. It’s probably our fault if we stand too close to the refrigerator and wind up with a cat on our heads.

– Bethany Blake 

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