DIY Eat – Frozen Cat Treats

Easy, healthy tuna treats

We can’t forget about our little friends this summer. They enjoy the sunshine just as much as we do, but unfortunately they can get heated pretty quickly. Why not cool them down with some easy to make frozen treats? Your cat will love you a million times more once he gets his paws on this yummy delicacy. (Your dog friends will love them too.)


• An ice cube tray
• Can of water-packed tuna (alternately, you can use canned salmon)
• Approximately ½ c water
• A mixing bowl or Magic Bullet
• A Ziploc bag

1. Start by mashing up the tuna in your bowl or stuffing it into your food mixer. Don’t drain the tuna water as it helps with the freezing. Add about half a cup of water to the mix.


2. Then mix up that tuna! I used my Magic Bullet because, really, it’s my go-to kitchen appliance and takes 10 seconds. Yum… doesn’t that just look delicious?


3. Fill your Ziploc bag with the mix and cut a small hole in one end. This helps save you from making a huge mess while filling up the ice cube trays. Fill your trays and place in the freezer for a couple hours. Let cats lick the bowl.

4. When the treats are nice and frozen, you can pop them out and let cats have a taste! I recommend letting them chew on these on a tile floor or a plate, because I’m pretty sure you don’t want tuna bits all over your house. You can store these in a plastic bag in your freezer for up to six months, so if you make a bunch you’ll have some on hand for hot days!

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  • Dori Bailey

    I thought human tuna was harmful for cats as it causes uti . We used to give one of our cats tuna and ended up with high vet bill and expensive meds…

  • Esther Damiano

    I actually have the important question about this. What is the exact brand of tuna or salmon that we can buy for the cats? we dont want to get them too salty or something conflict to the general cats’ stomach.

    any specifically brand or what to avoid? if say ANY or no brand then I wouldn’t want to take a chance


    What size can of tuna?


    I really would like to make these. Can you tell me please how much tuna per 1/2 cup of water?

  • Sharon Hulton

    where can I get the cute ice cube tray?

  • KO

    Thank you so much! Our 15year old siamese had a heat overdose and an overly exciting vet visit afterwards. Looking for ways to keep him cool during the day in the heat wave, I found this and he LOVES it!!!

    • Ashley Lee

      So glad your kitty liked them! They really do make the purr-fect summer treat! -AL

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