Going green never looked so good! We’ve rounded up some St. Patrick’s day goodies for you and your cat. Whether it’s shamrock collars, eco-friendly beds, or all-natural catnip, these festive picks will leave everyone else green with envy! 


The perfect addition to your cat’s St. Patrick’s day outfit can be found in the Shamrock print bowtie from Sweet Pickles Designs. This whimiscal, handmade collar will look perfectly adorable on your festivity-loving feline!

Sweet Pickles Design


Luxurious napping and eco-friendly? The Moroccan print bed from Pet Lifestyle and You combines stunning, modern design (it will look fabulous in your home!) with recycled materials (filler is made from 100% post-consumer certified-safe recycled plastic bottles) to give your cat her new favourite place to lounge.
Pet P.L.A.Y.


When your cat thinks of green she probably has only one thing on her mind: catnip! Meowijuana’s 100% organic catnip buds are harvested at the peak of the plant’s essential oil production for the most far-out experience your cat can have!















Cat nibbling your indoor plants again? There’s a reason they’re attracted to leafy, green plants, so give her one of her very own! PetGrass, a certified organic wheat grass delivery service, offers your cat a healthy dose of fun as well as protein, fiber and antioxidants. Green=good!

Pet Grass


This environmentally friendly, all-natural litter is 100% natural and biodegradable. Perfect for the environmentally-conscious pet owner, it uses natural wood or paper fiber for flushable disposal even the packaging is compostable!














While you’re dressing yourself to the nines, outfit your kitty in a perfectly clovered collar from Furocious Kitty. Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day parties, this dandy can be worn year round to give your cat a bit of luck!
Furocious Kitty


Give your cat some of that good green stuff and she’ll love you for it. Purrvana’s Kitty Kush is made in small batches with organic catnip and will likely produce euphoria, energy, and entertaining cat behaviour!

Although your cat will always find random strings and hair elastics to play with, she’ll love the interactive fun of the Catit string toy. Made from all natural materials like linen, raffia and cornhusk, it will have your cat chasing, hunting, pouncing and playing for hours of eco-friendly fun!




Pet messes are often unavoidable, but cleaning up after them doesn’t always have to be a chore. Pogi’s earth-friendly stain and odour removing spray lets you clean up after your cat without worrying about harmful ingredients. Safe to use, this magical spray won’t leave a trace!