When you are looking to buy your beloved cats and dogs toys or any other accessory, you always look for the best products. You want something that is fun, durable, and safe for your pet children.  What if you could buy toys for your cats or dogs that are not only are fun, adorable and safe, but are eco-friendly AND manufactured by people who are underprivileged?  Well, Honest Pet Product does all that and more!

Honest Pet Products are durable and safe for your pets

Honest Pet Products have your pets in mind as they manufacture fabulous toys and accessories from the most truly natural, safe, and durable materials possible. Their products are even more natural than other ‘eco-friendly’ products because they are not simply repackaged recycled plastics and synthetics called ‘eco-friendly’!  And, therefore they are not only durable but fun, safe for your pets and last a long time!

Honest Pet Products are safe for the planet

Honest Pet Products creates dog and cat toys that are truly safe for the planet. They use materials in their most truly natural form to promote sustainability and carbon footprint reduction.  Their quality gifts are fun and heal the planet, providing us all safer lives. Honest Pet Product offered their first line of toys out of truly natural hemp and wool while offering other natural, durable toys and accessories.

The hemp plant produces the strongest of all plant fibers, resulting in toys that are twice as strong as cotton toys. Because hemp fabrics are naturally anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, mildew-free and rot-free, they are healthier for your beloved pet! Since hemp is a plant, it is 100% biodegradable and therefore replenishes the soil. Hemp toys are pure, natural and safer than toys made of synthetics, plastics and rubber.

Honest Pet Products supports workers with disabilities and financial struggles

To be TRUE TO OUR PEOPLE means we economically support and emotionally encourage hardworking people with cognitive and developmental disabilities who make our truly NATURAL HEMP and ORGANIC WOOL dog and cat toys in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Several of our NATURAL wool cat toys are handmade in Mongolia by women of impoverished, nomadic herding families living without many basic needs. Through Honest Pet Product’s partnership with the Seattle-based Snow Leopard Trust’s Fair Trade conservation program, these families earn a living with their traditional wool-working skills. In exchange, the nomadic herding families work to protect the endangered snow leopards who share their habitats, from poaching and possible extinction. Most recently we partnered with a fair trade business in Nepal where the women who hand craft the felt balls used in our cat toys, are paid a fair wage and work in clean, safe conditions.