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Introducing: Modern Possum!

Modern Cat and Modern Dog’s new sister magazine is here! Modern Possum will explore these unique marsupials and their strange habits.


Did we get you? Happy April Fool’s, everyone!


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  • Sharon HIll

    I thought to myself: for Possums??!!! I know they eat cat food, but… Then I realized what day it was. GREAT GAG!

  • Ronniecaliente

    My husband didn’t realize they possums were such popular companions! I’m all for Modern Possum, even if it’s just an April Fools joke! 😁

  • Eileen

    Love possums! I’d subscribe.

  • Harold Sims

    The Catman2 Cat Shelter in Cullowhee, North Carolina rehabilitates small wildlife and We have a blind opossum, hit by a car, as a shelter, carry around pet. Cats are nor sure what it ism

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