Some cats prefer to keep their head in the clouds, and we here at Modern Cat support their lofty aspirations.

Let your cat lounge as high as they please with Catastrophic Creations’ fantastic Plush-Padded Cat Bed/Shelf! Cuddly, cozy, and easy to install, this gorgeously designed cat shelf is a great napping spot for high climbing cats.

cat lounging in large plush shelfing unitWith a stained wood bottom and a beautiful cream coloured foam topper, this cat shelf combines the stimulation of climbing to a high location with the comfort of a plush cat bed. With ample space and tested to hold 85 lbs, this cat shelf is great for large cats and can even carry two kitties at once.

Catastrophic Creations shelving unitWe greatly appreciate how easy Catastrophic Creations has made this shelf to customize to your home. Choose from a wood stain selection of English Chestnut, Onyx, or Unfinished, and ensure the shelf will work with the layout of your home by specifying which side the shelf’s entrance should be located on. With detailed instructions for installation, it’s an easy way to provide your cat a cuddly, plush spot to relax!

We think that a raised shelf cat bed is a fantastic way to let your cat take a break from the commotion below – by providing them a place to sleep above the floor, you can keep your kitten’s naps from being interrupted by the vibrations of a vacuum, a curious child looking to play, or the family dog.

cat lounging in large plush shelfing unitWith free shipping in the contiguous US and a guarantee to ship within a week after ordering, this shelf and bed combo is a great way to provide your cat the space they need. Priced at $78, find this cat shelf at – JH