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Meet Lyle!

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Meet our Modern Cat advice columnist, Lyle! 

Full Name: Lyle Dolly Parton Cheal

Nicknames: Lyler, Lylie Bop, Pile-a-Bones, Chicken, Old Balls

Age: 9 years old (at least)

Breed: DSH, Silver Tabby

Eye Color: Green

About Lyle

Lyle was rescued from the pound by Abbey Cat Adoptions, a really great fostering, rescue, and adoption agency based out of Toronto, Ontario. He was left at the pound as an adult by someone unable to care for him (and his big personality). In 2007, he came to his forever home and brought his entire personality and some problematic behaviours with him. We wouldn’t say that he was a needy cat (ok, we totally would), but he certainly had a metric tonne of love to give. Like many cats who have been abandoned, he worried about not getting enough to eat, and about whether or not his human would come home to him. These sources of anxiety translated to problematic behaviours like obsessive licking, meowing, and attacking his mom’s face all night long. It took a great deal of patience and reinforcing good behavior for Lyle to learn that his new home would be his forever, and he didn’t need to have anxiety about that. The addition of a brother, Lincoln, a year later also helped Lyle learn that his family would always be there for him.

Lyle’s story is special because he was a difficult cat that just needed to know he was loved, and needed a family that would stick with him even when he was difficult. As he has aged and learned that his family is always there for him, his problematic behaviours have decreased exponentially, and what is left is the most loving and sweet cuddle monster you could ever meet.

Lyle wants you to know that if you find yourself dealing with a “problem cat”, just remember that they are animals who respond to how they have been treated in the past, and how they are treated by you. Your love and patience could be all they need to live a full and happy life. 

Ask Lyle

His tough experiences have helped him learn a lot about cat behaviour, and he just loves talking to anyone who will listen (and frequently those who are trying to ignore him as well). He loves making new friends and being involved in any situation, at any time.  He hopes that the cats he advises find his advice useful, and appreciates all of the love he feels from the Modern Cat family.

Lyle's advice column appears on Modern Cat on Fridays! 

If you have a question for Lyle, please email him at and don't forget to include a picture of the cat asking the question! 

You can also follow all of his adventures on Instagram and Twitter: @Lylestagram.

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