In Memory of Batman


January 1, 2002 — June 30, 2013

Batman was THE BEST! He was my husband's "son" & just tolerated me. ;) I adored him but my husband was his favorite for sure. He adopted us. Batman initially was too scared to enter the house. Eventually, he had the run of the place. He was a fighter, an alley cat, and a top-notch hunter. We got him fixed but nothing tamed his spirit. He was VOCAL--quite the talker. When on the phone, people would hear him and ask, "Is that your cat?" :) He trained us well: to fetch fresh water for him, refresh his food, let him out & back in as often as pleased him. When we added a puppy to the mix, I had concerns but they got along famously & soon Batman had her trained, too. After some thyroid issues, a diet change corrected things &, just when we thought we had years left with him, he went missing never to be seen again. Found out later coyotes were seen in our subdivision. No one told us. Devastated doesn't begin to describe our loss & pain. We miss & mourn him to this day & will always love him.

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