In Memory of Happy


July 13, 1998 — September 1, 2012

Happy was a wonderful kitty he never got in to anything and he loved his morning treats. He always slept in the bed with us every night. You could say that he was our alarm clock. He was very lovable and loved his daddy so much, he was a daddies kitty. When he was 4 years old we found out that he had cancer and there was nothing the Vet could do so we done the humane thing and put him to sleep, we had no choice because he was suffering and I could not have him suffer, he would not let anyone around him but his daddy when he was sick. We miss him so much and we always will. We will always love him, he stole our heart, he was the best and there will never be another kitty like him, he was a one of a kind. Happy baby we will always love and miss you.

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