In Memory of Prissy


March 30, 1990 — January 16, 2009

My husband gave me Prissy for my Birthday the year we got married. Prissy did not like my husband, she just tolerated him. Prissy wanted to be with me, her mommy. She only sat on my husbands lap 3 times in her 17 years 9 months of life, and that was when I was in the hospital (3 different times). She jumped on his lap, he petted her once, then she would jump down. When we came home from vacation, she was so excited to see me, she would be all over me for about 3 minutes, then she would remember that she was mad at me and would sit in the corner and watch me for about 2 hours, then things went back to normal. She developed Dementia and I had to put her down. I cried so hard. I had her cremated and she is still with me, as I will never let her go. I could not have children of my own, so she was my beautiful Baby Girl. She loved Christmas and would lay in front of the navitity scene with her nose almost touching baby Jesus, and she never broke a piece. I miss my baby so much.

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