In Memory of Rafiki


September 13, 2004 — April 11, 2014

I was at a very low point in my life when I saw a picture of a Savannah on the cover of Cat Fancy magazine. I bought it and started reading. Although I was involved in rescue, I began to contemplate the unthinkable - getting a kitten from a breeder. Rafiki was an F2 Savannah. He was amazing. Rafiki means best friend in Swahili, and he certainly was that. He was tall but lean and muscular. I had to get a 48" tall scratching post for him. Nevertheless, he was so sweet and gentle. He loved rubbing his face all over mine for extended periods; he would stick his nose in my ears and snuffle and purr. He would talk and talk and talk with a different sound for different situations. He loved all my other cats. I miss him so. :'-(

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