In Memory of Sasha


May 20, 2002 — December 27, 2013

Sasha was a beautiful Siamese/Himmy cross, with the bluest eyes ever. He was shy and timid, but was bonded within a week to Tigger, our female alpha. After only a week, I found them on the bathroom floor, with paws around each other. They played hard, and ran all over the house. They often slept side by side. We became aware of a dental problem at a routine vet visit. The decision to follow through, was difficult. But, I just couldn't lose my Sasha. After, his life was different. For a year and a half, he couldn't express his happiness more. He snuggled harder and lost his timid character. He was my constant companion, and friend. I'd sink into his blue eyes, and his purr was always a wonderful thing. He loved to tear up and down the stairs and chase the ribbon toy we bought him. He remains close in my heart, and his sudden passing was devastating.

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