In Memory of Sumatra Aramis (Jeremy Irons) Ligas/Truxell


June 20, 2003 — January 20, 2015

In three years, we lost three (of our four cats) each year. Egypt and China were horrible losses, but they were at least 16ish (I adopted them each at 2-3 yrs. old). Egypt had diabetes and also bad joints, etc. China passed from oral cancer. Both were devastating losses. I adopted Sumatra ( first baby boy) in 2003 as a kitten...He was so cute...looked like a Maine Coon. We lost him this Jan. at 11 1/2 due to IBS...For over a year, we tried steroids, medication etc. After three months, I'm still crying almost every day...he had such a HUGE personality and was too young. Still hurts like it was yesterday. I wonder how (after losing Egypt, China, and Sumatra) our India is coping..she is the last of the great 4. After China, we did adopt 3 others...only way to turn horrible negatives into some "positive:" So many cats need homes. I love all our babies...but they will never replace the ones we've lost. Love you, tomorrow, and always....XO-Mommy

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