In Memory of Tigger


January 16, 1989 — October 30, 2005

Tigger was the first cat I had from kitten hood until his passing. His favorite holiday was Halloween, stealing candy from the candy bowl, playing with the crinkly wrapper until lost under the couch or stove.
He loved to camp with us, and I have multitudes of photos from camping trips, on a leash, in a raft, a canoe, walking on the beach. Yes he was, as my neighbor said, a dog in cat's clothing.
The last few years were hard, dealing with diabetes, pancreatitis, and liver disease. At some point, I knew you were too tired to keep going, and one very sad night, I had to make the decision to end your fight. It was the night before Halloween, your favorite holiday. So as the day rolls around, every year, I remember you, and while I still mourn your passing, I celebrate the life you lived and the good times we had. Happy Halloween, a little late. Love Mom

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