National Feral Cat Day 2012


Today is National Feral Cat Day, a day to concentrate on efforts to provide a safe environment for feral cats, felines who are not domesticated and are often unadoptable. Feral cat populations can be gradually reduced by the implementation of trap-neuter-return programs, which gradually reduce feral cat populations. They are often paired with vaccination programs. If you would like to do more for feral cats in the community, you should consider checking out Alley Cat Allies’ “Helping Cats in Your Community” webinar.  Alley Cat Allies organizes National Feral Cat Day, and their website is the best place to start finding out more about helping feral cats. More great information can be found from the Toronto Cat Rescue, including how to take care of a feral cat in your home before and after the trip to the vet’s. You can also learn how to make an easy outdoor cat shelter, either using a Rubbermaid tub, or for those who live in truly cold climates, we recommend Claudia Allen’s Mylar blanket and insulation shelter.