Make a kitty playground for your cat. From cat trees and kitty condos to their low-rent but often equally enjoyed equivalent, cardboard boxes and paper bags, cats love to have objects to climb in, on, and over.

Plant organic wheat grass for your cat to munch on. Bell Rock Growers offers—you guessed it—ready to go self grow cat grass kits as well as pre grown grasses and catnip for a nice bit of indoor greenery your cat will appreciate.

Lightly mist your cat’s bed/chosen resting spot with Feliway Stress-Reliving Spray, a synthetic copy of the feline facial pheromone cats use to mark their territory as safe and secure. It’s remarkably effective.

Get your walk on. Starting indoors, teach your cat to walk on lead wearing a harness. Sturdi Products makes great harnesses especially for cats.

Install a window perch to offer prime viewing of the neighbourhood and an elevated spot from which to sunbathe. Purrfect CatBird Seat makes stylish wall mounted cat hammocks and sisal steps.

Go for a stroll. If your cat is accustomed to a carrier, why not get a pet stroller like Petique’s Strollers and take your cat along on your next post-dinner walk?

In the wild, the majority of a cat’s time is spent searching for food. Allow your cat to fulfill this natural drive by secreting treats around your house for her to find. (This provided you don’t have babies or toddlers in the house that might consume the cat snacks hidden about.) Try the Indoor Hunting feeding system from Doc & Phoebe’s Cat Co. 

If your cat prefers to drink running water (and who doesn’t prefer freshly run agua?), get her a drinking fountain. Cat Taps makes lovely ceramic ones both you and your cat will love! Also check out Pioneer Pet for more awesome indoor kitty fountains. 

If your cat is the sole feline in your household, consider getting him a buddy. Many cats grow to love feline companionship—and some really don’t. If you’re unsure which camp your cat falls into, consider fostering first. You’ll establish how your cat will take to a friend, while providing a much-needed temporary home for a shelter cat, saving lives by freeing up space in the shelter!