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Pet Tree Houses Sets A Guinness World Record For The World’s Tallest Cat Scratching Tree


The tallest cat scratching tree measures 5.14 m (16 ft 10 in) and was created by Joseph and Shelley DelRocco of Pet Tree Houses (both USA) in West Linn, Oregon, USA, as measured on 17 October 2014.

Every day Guinness World Records inspires ordinary people to do extra-ordinary things!  And Pet Tree Houses did just that. Crafting the World’s Tallest Cat Scratching Tree at 16’ 10” measured to the highest platform and over 20’ tall including the leaves!

Joe DelRocco, Vice President of Pet Tree Houses, said,  “Pet Tree Houses was commissioned by a family in West Linn, Oregon to design a tree  for their four rescue cats to safely climb and descend their two story catmosphere. We are honored to build a product line that is both functional as well as aesthetically pleasing for the cats and their owners alike.”   

Shelley DelRocco, President of Pet Tree Houses, said “We are so happy to be able to give the animals a safe place to play and rest, which makes them more at ease in an indoor environment.
Pet Tree Houses’ entire product line uses real trees and synthetic silk foliage to bring out your cat’s true nature encouraging them to scratch and stretch on the gnarled branches. We love helping the pets, as they are our true inspiration.”
Pet Tree Houses has also been awarded 6 years in a row the Cat Fancy Editors’ Choice Award for developing innovative cat furniture. 
            Deluxe Seedling – Cat Fancy Editors’ Choice Award 2009 
            Sycamore – Cat Fancy Editors’ Choice Award 2010  
            Sequoia – Cat Fancy Editors’ Choice Award 2011   
            Nesting Tree – Cat Fancy Editors’ Choice Award 2012  
            KIT-TY Tree – Cat Fancy Editors’ Choice Award 2013 

            Purrfecta  3 in 1 Scratcher – Cat Fancy Editors’ Choice Award 2014


You can find all of Pet Tree Houses products by visiting

Pet Tree Houses ’ mission is simple, to use their God-given gifts to help the animals, support their local SPCA’s along with animal rescue groups, and build a business that distinguishes the Pet Tree Houses brand on customer appreciation, uncompromised quality, honesty and integrity. 

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