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Meet BooBoo

The Domestic
Lynn Ongirski philadelphia

BooBoo is a 11 year old fur ball of love. We adopted BooBoo many years ago from a foster program. Poor BooBoo and his brother Kato had both been beaten, stuffed in a trash bag and thrown away like trash. BooBoo had a large gash on the top of his head, hence the name BooBoo.  He came to us a damaged scared little kitten. It took love, time and patience, but he came around. He is now the love of my husbands life. He is a cuddle bug and loves to cuddle with his brother. Yes we also adopted Kato. BooBoo likes to lay in the sun, chase invisable shadows and play with is toys. He loves to roll on cat nip and is just a joy to have in my life. Always makes me smile. I love my little BooBoo.

cat nip, treats and cuddles
loud noises, empty food bowls.
Favorite Foods
temptation kitty treats and fish
Favorite Pastimes
sleeping in the sun

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