Weekly Winner

Meet Butters

The Mixed
Lennon-Freire Family Woodstock GA

Butters is often referred to as a terrorist.  She has not yet turned one and rules the house including a Jack Russell/Whippet dog, a Sun Conure parrot, and another cat named Kenzie.  She is VERY acrobatic and likes to pounce off of the furniture and do surprise attacks on humans and fellow animals alike.  She can be seen terrorizing the dog and often wrestles with him.  Sometimes we think she thinks she IS a dog.  We rescued her from a local vet's office and we love her big time. 

Achmed the Terrorist
Wreeking havoc upon humans and fellow animals in the house
Going outside
Favorite Foods
Dog food which she is not supposed to eat!
Favorite Pastimes
Wrestling with Rolex the dog

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