Weekly Winner

Meet Chris

The Short hair
Amber MacDonald Surrey, BC

Christopher is not just your average cat. He was a stray adopted when he was just 4 weeks old! He has a job, an extensive wardrobe, he loves car rides and his best friend Hailey the golden retriever. Christopher goes to work with his auntie at Guildford Animal Hospital and has many favorite clients that love to see him, feed him treats and even buy him birthday presents and send him Christmas cards! When Christopher is not at work his favorite place to be is the cabin where he likes to go in the boat, hang out on the deck, chase bugs or spend the day in bed watching out the window for wildlife.

Big C
Car rides, going to work, spending time at the cabin, chasing bugs & catnip cigars.
Favorite Foods
Goldfish crackers are his favorite special treat!
Favorite Pastimes
Spending time at the cabin, sleeping, eating, snuggles.

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