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Meet City the Kitty

The Bengal/manx

My name is City the Kitty. I've appeared on Animal Planet, Nightline and Good Morning America with my good friend Jackson Galaxy and have starred in a FreshStep commercial so far in my budding acting career.
As for my personal life, well, you know, I'm a pretty street wise kind of cat. But even street wise cats need a meal and a comfy warm place to settle down after a long day of exploring.
One day, I was out wandering the mean streets of the suburbs, when I found this house with these girls who kept feeding me and giving me all the love I deserve. One of them started taking pictures of me, so I posed for her. She obviously likes my style, cuz she hasn't put down the camera since. I decided to stay since I'd been looking for a pro-photographer to document my life. What better way to share the Wisdom of City the Kitty than through this marvelous medium that is Facebook? Someday I hope to open up the City the Kitty cat shelter. That is my dream and maybe together we can make it come true!
 So that's how I came to be in my new awesome house with my awesome girls and my awesome facebook page...
For more about City the Kitty please go to www.facebook.com/citythekitty

2.5 yrs old
birds, tuna and catnip
staying indoors
Favorite Foods
tuna and canned cat food
Favorite Pastimes
playing with bird toys and having my photo taken

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