Weekly Winner

Meet Crash

The Domestic Shorthair
Elizabeth Schneider

Crash is such a special little guy. He is a rescue cat with a front limb deformity (radial agenesis), but you wouldn't be able to tell if you glanced at him as he ran by you at 90 miles per hour. Nothing slows him down! He is also a polydactyl and has twenty-one toes in total. He has a lot of personality in his little body! He's the most unique cat I've ever had. He loves anything and everything to do with water, loves going for rides in the car, enjoys walking on his leash & harness outside as well as in the nursing home where my grandfather lives. We crossed paths at the right time and for a good reason.

7 months
Kanga(roo), Tigger
Playing with straws, his toy seahorse, playing in water, and harassing his two older siblings
Having his giant back feet touched
Favorite Foods
Anything edible...
Favorite Pastimes
Chasing that incessant red dot, yawning

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