Weekly Winner

Meet Dr. Sheldon Cooper

The Lynx / Domestic Medium Hair
Terrie Gerringer Stallings, North Carolina

DAY ONE - The little critter was spotted in the outback, among the scrubby bushes next door, on Thursday, June 7, 2012. Scruffy little thing....looked like it would be easy to tackle. The Old Cat Lady was on one side of the bushes...Opa Curtis was on the other side...he was warned...to grab it when it gets flushed out of the bushes. Quick little booger...ran right past  Opa Curtis !  The cute little critter hid under Jason's grill. Janet encouraged it to come out....only long enough for it to make a mad dash to take cover under the deck.  Later that night, the Old Cat Lady made a lame attempt to capture the critter. Armed with a bag of cat food, a flashlight and a pillowcase...she attempted to lure out the little booger by Meowing in it's native tongue.  Not Successful.

 DAY TWO - Jason confirmed an early morning sighting. The Old Cat Lady came over a couple of times during the day, attempting to make contact with the little booger. He appears to scared to come out from under the deck.  Time Passes.   Under the cover of nighttime darkness, The Old Lady made more attempts to locate the eluding critter by Meowing Out Loud. The little guy answered in an audible reply, very weak, but definitely answering the Meows. He is still under the deck. This is good news, this way we know that is probably lost from his birth mother and appears to be searching for a new home … or … if his name is Jimmy…he could be searching for his lost shaker of salt. Either way…I think there is a woman to blame. Capture of the critter is still unsuccessful.

DAY THREE - Critter is still avoiding all human contact. After dark, the Old Lady attempts to lure the critter out from under the deck with tuna. The cute little varmit is highly interested in the smell of a freshly opened can of StarKist Tuna. The bowl was placed a few inches just outside of the deck, with the intent of luring him out into more open space. The furry little head pokes out…nose is twitching…Yes, he wants some tuna ! He comes on out a few more inches…the old lady reaches out to feel the soft fur. Dangit! Critter darts back under the deck.
Time Passes.
The Old Lady has to assume a new hunting position…as her knees are not what they used to be. …. Could be the accident of 1995 … could be old age … could be too many years pickin’ cotton in those old fields in north Alabama. The furry head pokes out again … then the body comes on out, he begins to nibble. Nibblin’ on Sponge cake…Watchin’ the Sun bake…..all those tourists covered with oil. . . . .
NO Wait! That is the wrong song. Ha ha ha ( a little humor here…please laugh now)
 Nibblin’ on tuna, the kitty feels more brave, and comes out from under the deck, to enjoy the tuna. The Old Lady takes a chance…to feel of the soft silky fur…dangit! The critter runs back under the deck.
At the end of Day Three - Still Unsuccessful.

DAY FOUR - The little critter falls into Evan’s kiddie pool. It manages to climb on top of a small boogie board floating in the pool. While floating around, the little guy considers becoming a pirate. He thinks a bit…and wonders if Rum will pair well with StarKist Tuna? Jason, upon spotting the furry little kitten in the pool – assuming the role of the lifeguard – reaches in….scoops up the drenched little kitty. The lifeguard on duty sustained one small injury on the hand. Upon futher inspection, the wound seems to be minor.
Soaking wet , cold and hungry, the kitty looks up at Jason…as if to say: “Thank You ! for saving me!”
Jason made the phone call that the Old Lady had been waiting for … the Old Cat Lady comes over . . . . still in her pink flowery house dress, carrying a small animal transporting device. Jason place the cold, wet critter into the critter carrier to be taken next door. The Old Cat Lady thanked her neighbors for all of their help with this rescue !
SUCCESS  ! ! !

That is the story of how we found Cooper.

Seven Weeks
"Cooper", "Cooper Pooper", "Little Bit", "Sweetie".
Loved to sit in his mommy's lap, sun bathing,being pampered and being loved on.
Bath time, loud noises, dogs barking and did I say bath time?
Favorite Foods
Science Diet a/d canned food, Temptations treats, tuna, Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers Chicken.
Favorite Pastimes
Swimming in the neighbors pool, eating tuna, posing for the camera, making new friends and just being cute.

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