Weekly Winner

Meet Elby/Elby Jr.

The RagaMuffins
Sonia & Laura California & Florida

Stunner (Ragtime Cats Stunning in Silver) is a silver tabby & white RagaMuffin.  Extremely lovely and adorable kitten who grabbed everyones heart he met.

GC Ragtime Cats Elby (in front) was the very first RagaMuffin grand champion in ACFA.  His son GC Ragtime Cats Elby's Moonlight Gift (in back) is also an ACFA grand champion and now showing in CFA.  Elby Jr.s daughter is already a Grand Premier in CFA, so the legacy continues, in this black & white family.  These boys are super-mushy and just are ideal RagaMuffins.  

12 years/11 years
Elby Jr simply loves treats. Baby food, lunchmeat, most people meats.
If you attempt ignore him.
Favorite Pastimes
Being in your lap - love me, love me please!

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