Weekly Winner

Meet Fat Rat

Robin Hicks Garner, NC

Hi.... My name is Fat Rat.. Mom rescued me and my 4 kittens and gave me my forever home...2 of my kittens are still with us, they live at our barn, I did move into the house. I live in the house with my sister Fluff. My Dad calls me Fat Rat becasue I am the oldest and the boss... not becasue I am fat...  I am afraid of the doorbell and I run if I even hear one on the TV thing. I am very loved and very lucky to have my mom and dad 


Mama Kitty,
Greenies, Temptations, my scratch pad, milk rings
Doorbell, being held, being brushed , pate cat food
Favorite Foods
Friskies Gravy sensations , Purina Indoor dry food
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping, chasing my sister Fluff, getting treats and love from dad

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