Weekly Winner

Meet Frenchy

The Domestic Shorthair
Sarah Rockport, Maine

Frenchy is a senior cat whose life's work is to bring joy to others. Aged 17 and completely deaf, Frenchy still enjoys making friends, doing yoga, motoring around on the kitchen counter, and helping his owner grade student papers. In his retirement, he's now interested in pursuing his dream of becoming a registered therapy and service animal. His favorite broadway number is "Do You Hear the People Sing," from Les Mis. Frenchy is a pacifist who does not hunt.

F.J., Sweetness, Burger
Trying new things, yoga, eating grass, drinking out of a glass, snoring, "House Hunters International," golf balls.
When the guys come to mow the lawn, horses, getting up early.
Favorite Foods
Nine Lives "Super Supper," peanut butter, yogurt.
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping, snacktime, yoga, watching cars go by, getting his chin scratched.

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