Weekly Winner

Meet George

The Domestic Shorthair
Sharon Grand Rapids

George is one of the friendlest cats ever.  He was a stray or a drop off at a friends farm.  We were visiting  and he proudly walked up the driveway tail straight and proud to see who we were.  Our friend said he had been hanging around a couple of days and he started feeding him but really could not keep him.  George was battered and very scrawny and it was obvious he needed some medical attention, so we decided to take him to the vet and have him checked out and then see if we could find him a new home.  But he was just too sweet we could not give him up.  He now is our 7th cat and dads best snuggle buddy.  Here George is napping in the grass in his first outdoor supervised outing. 

9-10 but unknown for sure
Georgie Porgie
Snuggling with Dad, watching the ducks, going for rides in the car, playing with his brothers and sisters.
Bacon, can you believe that.
Favorite Foods
Fish & Chicken. Greenies Tuna are his favorite.
Favorite Pastimes
Sitting on one of the kitty condos and watching the birds and squirrels.

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