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Meet Hemi the CH Kitty

The Domestic Medium Hair Tuxedo
Nikki & John Jones Pensacola Florida

Hi everyone, I'm Hemi. I'm a 5 year old kitty with CH (Cerebellar Hypoplasia).
I am cousins with Maggie the Kitten with NEW Eyelids.

I have a fairly severe case of CH - Cereballer Hypoplasia
Mommy used to not want to give me a FB or talk about me much, because even when I was born 5 years ago,
people thought we should be put down. Not much was known about the disorder. I cannot walk, but otherwise am a healthy kitty. I scoot and crawl around, but we do stretches and exercises every day, and my condition seems to have improved since I was a kitten.
we are currently exploring physical therapy options for me!




6 years
Hemmers, Hem Hem, Fart, Grumpers
My new beddy from my Amazon wishlist, catnip, treats, heating pads in the winter, stretches
brushing, haircuts, my brother Scout, the vaccuum
Favorite Foods
just about anything, but most stuff upsets my tummy. Mommy just switched us to Blu Buffalo grain-free, so we shall see
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping, purring, chirping at mom and dad, playing in the living room with my siblings

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