Weekly Winner

Meet Hiro

The Pixie Bob / Japanese Bob Mix
Soshanna M Murrieta, CA

This is Hiro! His name means generous in Japanese. Hiro has a unique story. Both of his parents are quadruple grand champion show cats from two different breeds. At a cat show his two parents (thought too young to breed) were left alone in a hotel room and conceived a litter of kittens. Initially the breeders were going to abort the litter because they had no use for an accidental mixed litter but decided to have the kittens and rehome them. We took Hiro home and he's nuzzled his way into our heart with his sweetness and quirkiness. He has a unique tail because of his Japanese Bob cat dad which happens to be long but kinks at a 90 degree angle right in the middle, which causes it to flip up over his back and goes crazy when he's hyper. We've dubbed him a PB&J breed - he's one of a kind. 

Da' Bird fanatic, tuna, raw chicken and window watching
Favorite Foods
Tuna, Chicken and Orijen
Favorite Pastimes
Watching birds out the window

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