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Meet Jenny Any Dots

The Tabby
Deborah Barnett Russellville, Alabama

Jenny Any Dots is a tiny ballerina who despite the fact that she has three legs, takes on the world in big leaps and bounds.  She is only 4 lbs. soaking wet but is fearless and friendly to everyone.  She lost her leg as a kitten.  We don't know what happened to her but the nerves in the leg were badly damaged.  We rescued her shortly after she was found and she fit right into our little clowder of cats.   Jenny enjoys ballet, speaks french and is on the list to be the next Disney princess.  She also models kitty beds on Etsy.  Jenny has over 1000 aunts and uncles who "take care of her" on Facebook.   

1 year
Jenster, Jen, Dots, Princess, Sister
Her outdoor enclosures, bugs, soft things to sleep on, her friend, Maddie and running.
I can't think of anything she dislikes... oh, the vacuum cleaner.
Favorite Foods
She likes cantalope!!
Favorite Pastimes
Watching her Facebook page and Kitty Party video.

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