Weekly Winner

Meet Lily

The Domestic Short Hair
Animal Refuge Center Ft Myers, Florida

Lily was born missing the radial bones in her forelegs and primarily walks on her elbows or wrists. Lily is only 5.3 pounds so surgery has not been advised.

Lily has just entered a program to become a certified Pet Therapy cat because of her love of people and public events. She will be an excellent ambassador for special needs pets who may be born different but still have love and companionship to offer.  

Lily loves to sit up like a Meercat!

1 year
Princess Lily, Li'l Lily, Peep
Her other special needs feline friends
Concerts...loud music affects her sensitive hearing.
Favorite Foods
Royal Canin dry food, canned tuna and Temptations. Favorite treat is whipped cream!
Favorite Pastimes
Posting comments on her Facebook page: Phoenix and ARC or meeting people at events to raise awareness for the Animal Refuge Center - SW Florida's largest no-kill shelter.

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