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Meet Lincoln

The Domestic Medium Hair
Bobbi Hale St. Louis, MO

I came to Tenth Life Cat Rescue in St. Louis, MO on Aug 25, 2012 as a fully quadriplegic 4 week old kitten. A nice lady in North City had found me lying on the sidewalk between her house and the abandoned house next to hers. She made a call to Tenth Life Cat Rescue looking for help saying that she had found a kitten with a broken paw (or two). My foster mommy happened to be answering the phones that day and coordinated with the director to bring me into Tenth Life's care. When momma came to transport me to the vet, she saw that I didn't have a broken paw, but had something more seriously wrong as I was completely quadriplegic. My little front paws were curled up and stiff and my back legs were stiff and stuck out funny. The only thing that I could do was lay on my side curled up in a little ball and barely move my head from time to time. I think mommy fell in love with me at that moment whether or not she realized it and was determined to help me even if it meant toting me around my whole life.

The vet did xrays which showed no broken bones and when they did a pinch test on my toes, there was some reaction shown which let them know that I had feeling in my limbs even though I couldn't move them. The vet determined that I had suffered an unknown spinal or neurological injury which may or may not improve with physical therapy. While at the vet, my mommy moved her finger around in front of me to play and I followed it intently with my eyes. She could see my will and determination in that moment seeing that I really wanted to reach out and get that finger, but just couldn't. In that moment, she believed in me and was determined to help get mobile again.

She took me home from the vet, and her and my foster daddy started my physical therapy that very night. My therapy consisted of various stretches and was completed on me 5-6 times a day. (You can see me doing therapy on my Youtbue channel). My mommy also came up with a great idea to take a cat bed with two towels wrapped up on each side, and make me a little chair that helped me sit up properly (vs laying on my side) when they weren't holding me. This ended up assisting me, days later, when I took my first steps which you can also see the video of on YouTube. With each passing day, I went from being a limp little pile of fluff to flexing my paws for the first time to wobbly sitting up on my own to wobbly standing and taking my first steps to batting at a toy to now the running/bouncing/climbing kitten that I am today. Mommy told me that first day that I would walk again and she was right! :D

Today, I work to advocate and hope to provide inspiration for all special needs kitties out there to help even the most seemingly hopeless cases to be given a chance!

7 months
Linky, Link-a-Pink, Lil Boo Boo
Snuggling, Custom Bow Ties, Making New Friends, Water Bottle Lids
Animal Abuse
Favorite Foods
Fancy Feast!!!, Chicken, Cheese, Whatever else momma is eating
Favorite Pastimes
Cuddling with my momma, napping with my big bro-furs, playing with my foster siblings, traveling and attending events with Momma

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