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Meet Lucius

The Flame Point Siamese
S. Rosales San Antonio

Lucius was born on July 24th, 2010. He was born suffering from the feline herpes virus as well as microphthalmia, a defect in the formation of his eyes. Wherever he was born, whoever his caretakers were to be, he was abandoned as a kitten. He went from their hands, to a kind veterinarian, to a shelter, and finally to his forever home with us.

After a very rough start, Lucius is now healthy, but remains fragile. The herpes virus impaired his immune system, but he has grown stronger and his flare ups have become fewer and more far between. He is a happy boy, always purring, very cuddly and very playful. He's a very special boy, and we are thankful every day for him, he is truly a blessing.

For more information on Lucius, please visit him at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lucius-a-blind-feline-fur-baby/165106367008673

3 Years
Cormic, Mister, Little Jet Li
Cuddles, hugs, mousie toys
Being bitten by furry siblings
Favorite Foods
Any kind of canned yums, especially tuna and egg dinner
Favorite Pastimes
Climbing door frames, running sideways along walls (like Neo from 'The Matrix'), sitting in windows to listen to the birdies

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