Weekly Winner

Meet Marshmellow

The Russian Blue x British Shorthair
Erin Rich

My name is Marshmellow, spelled with an "e" because I'm very mellow. I'm an older girl living near the Monterey Bay.

I live with my brother, Marten, who is a bit too rambunctious for my taste. I spend my time sleeping, hissing at Marten, sitting next to my hoomans, asking for food, and sometimes playing with Marten when I temporarily forget that he's annoying.

You can find us on Facebook and Instagram (@peculiarpanther)!

Bearcoon, Bulldog Kitty
Sleeping, food, time away from my brother, shoulder scratches
Rambuctious brothers, taking pills
Favorite Foods
Chicken, chicken, and chicken
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping near the window, walking around with a ball in my mouth while screaming

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