Weekly Winner

Meet Meowzers

The Siamese/Snowshoe
Alicia Foord London, ON

We got Meowzers when she was about 10 months old from a man that no longer wanted her. For the first two weeks, we barely saw her. She hid under the bed during the day, but at night she would jump up and sleep with us. Eventually, she overcame her fear of us and became a very nice cat, although not very cuddly. She is also incredibly smart; for the longest time we had to keep her food literally under lock and key, she will meow and knock at doors until you open them, she would open the door t

2 years
Leiki Kiki, Kiki Meow Meows, Keeks, Meow Meow, etc
Treats, wand toys, cat trees
Strange new places
Favorite Foods
Nature's Variety Instinct Rabbit, pinky mice
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping on the top of the bookshelf, playing with the kitten

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