Weekly Winner

Meet Monsieur Moustache

The Persian
Annette Maxberry-Carrara Austin, TX

Monsieur Moustache is a rescued kitty, although I can't imagine how anyone would give up such a gorgeous fellow.  He speaks French and English fluently, believes he's French nobility, and has an addiction to cat porn which he is seeking therapy for and hoping for a slow recovery.  His favorite color is salmon, and his favorite song lyric is "I'm sexy and I know it." He's quite political and admits he voted for Obama because he's black AND white. </

2 years or so we think
"Stachio" "Mr. Stinky Britches"
When he's not sleeping, he enjoys eating, knocking on all closed doors, waking sleeping people by standing on their chests and necks and getting the dogs worked up. Monsieur Moustache finds purring very mundane and chooses to gurgle instead.
Chicken, dogs, water
Favorite Foods
Salmon, salmon and more salmon. Preferably wild Coho salmon, but he'll eat basically any pink fish.
Favorite Pastimes
Facebook. "I even have my own page." Grooming. Wouldn't you if you had such a beautiful mustache?

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