Weekly Winner

Meet Moses

The domestic shorthair
Karma Erwin West Greenwich

Our Mosi is 15 years young, going on 16 this  spring. When he was young and  lived in Colorado, he was an experienced neighborhood hunter and fighter , as you can see from his ears. He has retired  and is enjoying his golden days with Peanut and Missy who keep him on his toes. Loves to be outside when it's warm , to enjoy laying in a sun puddle. He stays close to the house and helps momma with gardening. On occasion he still brings home a mouse or chipmonk.

Unkel Mosi
food, snacks, noms, cream,food is his passion !
cold weather,
Favorite Foods
everything , even cabbage, if it has butter on it -
Favorite Pastimes
napping, rolling in the dirt on a warm day,helping his momma with the flowers.

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